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New Military Spouse Advocate

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​MSAN is assigning Chapter Advocates at many military installations; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, National Guard/Reserve and Navy to support guide and work with military leaders and supportive agencies to fill the gaps that prevent military spouses and their families from receiving the support they need. MSAN’s Coordinators and Contributors are dedicated to educate, inform and improve the lives of military families. Our MSAN Executive Team and Board of Advisors are joining efforts and experience to make changes needed in the support system process starting at military installations; our homes! 

Advocates are trained to guide, assist, support, and find solutions to your needs and will work directly with spouses, installation agencies, military leaders, and organizations that support MSAN with resources. MSAN’s goal is to have at least one MSAN Advocate and Volunteer at each installation. 

If you need to contact your MSAN Chapter Advocate, please email us at:

Coast Guard Branch Advocate

Kelly Davis
Army Branch Advocate

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Ingrid Herrera-Yee
Mental Health Advocate 

Alyson Phillips

Marine Branch Advocate

Our Branch Advocates

Duane France

Deployment & Reintegration Advocate

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Sylvia Wages
Air Force Branch Advocate