New Military Spouse Support Program

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New Military Spouse Director

Whitney Armstrong

​​​​​​Strong Spouses. Stronger Families.

​​​Military Spouse Advocacy Network 

WELCOME to our Military Family; a journey that will change your lifestyle in many ways. Being a Military spouse is one of the hardest jobs in the military. MSAN will help you overcome those challenges with guidance, support, and mentorship. If you have any questions or need information on our program, please email us at:

New Spouse will help you understand spouses 101 manuals, military ranks, structure, TRICARE, housing, commissary, AAFES, Navy Exchanges, Marine Exchanges, installations around the world, articles, and much more.

The New Military Spouse Support Program was designed to mentor and provide support to new military spouses as well as improving the morale and welfare of our military community.

How It Works
​New military spouses from all military branches have an MSAN Mentor by their side during their first Permanent Change of Station (PCS) journey until their arrival to their new installation. Our Mentors link spouses to Family Readiness Centers, Key Spouses, Ombudsmen, Family Readiness Groups (FRGs), and other supportive agencies at their new military installation. 

Our Focus
​The challenges rooted in developing strong military spouses lies largely in the ability to link them to the information and support they need as new spouses to a military lifestyle.  Even as benefits and resources exist to accomplish spouse support, an apparent and realistic lack of experience sometimes stifles spouses trying to learn and begs the need for a system of mentors to be the bridge between the person and the information. The New Military Spouse Support Program serves as a supplementary function to mentor spouses as they embark on their new experience in the military.

Create stronger military families through education, empowerment, and support.

Mentor and support new military spouses as they begin their journey as a military spouse.
Mentors and empowers new military spouses to stay active, participate, and support fellow spouses.

New Military Spouse Advocate

Carlie Petrovics

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