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Financial Advocate

​Erin Kidd

Consumer Protection

BBB Military Line

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

To learn more about the Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System click here.


My Money
College Financial Assistance  
Save and Invest
Info on investing in government bonds
Better Money Habits
Benefits Check Ups
Intuit Mint
Feed the Pig
Thrift Savings Plan
BBB Mobile App - new, distinctive solution for the unique financial changes that military service members and veterans experience. 
The Military Guide - Blended Retirement System and more.​ (See Financial Education for more resources)

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Finances are important. Here are some resources to help you with your finances and make sure you are in good financial standing.If you have any questions or need information on our program, please email us at:

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Financial Education

Personal Finance
​The Military Guide - Blended Retirement System and more.
Thrift Savings Plan


Military & Government Websites

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
BAH Calculator
Defense Travel Management Office (offers info on allowances, COLA pay calculators, etc.) 
Transition Assistance Program
Thrift Savings Plan